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Charlie Tango Productions, LLC - Events
Wed 2nd Dec
11:30 am
1:00 pm
In this workshop, we’ll talk about how the words you use in a sales situation can help or hinder the outcome of your presentation. Simple everyday words can make the difference between making the sale or letting an opportunity walk away. Some words can leave the prospect with negative thoughts and feelings, while other words create a positive state of mind, resulting in a sale for you. An additional bonus of attending this workshop is that you’ll have an opportunity to network with fellow attendees, and by getting to know you better, we will make this workshop interactive, applying these tips directly to how you present your products or services. This workshop is hosted at: First Merchants Bank 3333 East IN-32 Westfield, Indiana 46074 The post The Language of Sales Workshop appeared first on Charlie Tango Productions, LLC.
First Merchants Bank, 3333 IN-32 Westfield, Indiana 46074
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