Taking Your Sales To New Heights

My name is Christian Tombers, a sales trainer with over 40 years of real practical sales experience. I’m here to help you convert more sales from the appointments you already have and close more sales on the first visit! Both newcomers and experienced sales professionals alike benefit from the techniques and tips on how you can walk away with more successful deals than ever before. I’m available for one on one coaching sessions, team training and as a guest speaker at your next team event.

Sales Coaching & Training

If you’re just starting out in sales or an experienced sales professional, you could give your sales a boost with coaching and training. My approach is to not sell your prospects, make them want to buy, resulting in more sales for you! Sales training is an excellent investment in your success and the success of your whole sales team. Together, we’ll cover how to boost your confidence, how to get a warm response from prospects and how to start closing more sales, even on the first visit.

Sales Training Classes

Give your closing rate the boost you’ve always wanted with my Think Sales 101 course covering the foundation of a successful sales strategy. ThinkSales101: The Foundation of Your Success is a fun, interactive sales training workshop that is suited for: job seekers, Job Clubs, Employment Services, Consultants, In-Experienced New Company Sales Staff, Experienced Company Sales Staff, Company Owners, Company Managers, and any Entrepreneurs who have just started a new business or are looking to start a new business and would like to learn some basics about sales. Are you looking for employment in a sales position listed as: “No Experience Necessary”? You have “No Sales Experience”, and you would like to know what “Sales” is all about before you apply. Then this workshop is for you. In this workshop, participants will be introduced to key sales principles and techniques that will help them overcome the fear of selling and be more effective in converting potential customers into paying customers. It will also dispel some of the misconceptions about sales. My philosophy is simple: People don’t like to “be sold”. People do like to buy things. So, don’t sell them! Rather, “Cause Them To Want To Buy”, from you, happily and affordably. The resulting sale needs to be a profitable Win-Win for both you and your client. You will learn what the “3 Most Common Objections” from prospective customers are and several ways how to handle them. You will get the “7 Most Common Benefits” why anybody buys anything, along with a technique and understanding of why you must include at least one of these, if not more, into your sales presentation. You will also learn about: The Difference Between Sales And Marketing. What Is Selling? Importance Of Sales To The Small Business Owner. Types Of Sales. The Sales Basics. Steps In The Sales Process. The Psychology Of Sales. Sales Language. Plus Sales Training & Motivational Resources.

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