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“ The Conversation In Your Mind Can Make You Deaf Or Make You Blind” ™ Workshop

“The Conversation In Your Mind Can Make You Deaf Or Make You Blind” ™ workshop is an interactive, fun, mind - opening, enlightening, entertaining, Educational, brain-bending workshop that will open participants’ ears to learn to hear what they haven’t been hearing and will open their eyes to see what they haven’t been seeing.

Presented by Christian Tombers, who has had 30+ years experience in sales, marketing, sales management, sales training, and motivational speaking.

Participants will leave with valuable insights that can be immediately applied to their professional and daily lives, and of course honestly and ethically.

This workshop would be of great benefit for: business people, sales people, teachers, entrepreneurs, creative people, job seekers, and students of all ages.

9 Brain Puzzle Interactive examples will be demonstrated through Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic means to show how our minds can trick and deceive us subliminally, through brainwashing, forced direction, misdirection, and thought control. Participants can then learn to “hear” and “see” when these techniques are used upon themselves, or apply these insights to their own business and lives.

Participants will be able to experience mental breakthroughs and insights within themselves and observe others having the same. Real life examples will be presented to illustrate how Outside-The-Box thinking has made a difference and resulted in a Positive Outcome and Positive Income.

The “9 Brains Puzzle” will be explained and how it relates to “Thinking Outside The Box”. The “Original Solution”, using only 4 straight lines to connect all 9 dots without lifting your pen from the paper. Also 4 additional rarely seen “9 Dots Puzzle” solutions: 1 Solution using only 3 straight lines to connect the 9 brains 3 Solutions using 1 straight line to connect the 9 brains Participants are guaranteed to have new thinking tools that will assist them in enhancing their future business and personal lives. – If not, that too, is a valuable lesson, which could be related to difficulties in other areas of the participants’ lives.

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